Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Do you think drummer's do it better? No Cost #Erotica (7/31-8/4)

Hi and happy National Orgasm Day!

As a gift to you on this happy day, free of charge, Backstage Pass: Drummers Do It Better.

Backstage Pass: Drummers Do it Better


“I want to watch you play my drums again.” He said quietly after pulling his lips away from hers. 

She leaned up on her tip toes, trying to hold the contact as long as she could before she opened those eyes for him. She bobbed nervously on her toes and bit her bottom lip, seeing this little reaction sent a wave of excitement down his cock.

“What?” She asked around the fog in her head.He smiled at her gathering her thoughts, she was fucking delicious, and he couldn’t wait to taste how innocent she was.

“Play for me again.” He said as he slipped her shirt over her head, and reached behind her to unhook her bra, revealing her round breasts and nipples that were already hard. He slid his warm palm across her breasts and captured her sweet lips again.

“I…” She tried to think of something to say, but her breathing was ragged and her breasts flushed, crawling up to burn in her cheeks.

“I want to watch you.” He took her right breast in his mouth and bit down gently on her nipple, before doing away with all of her clothes but her black thong, and black leather boots that laced up to her knees.

Natasha stood before him, her pussy quivered as she felt his eyes on her body, and she fought with the urge to cover up. He stood beside the drum kit, and Natasha worked her way around them slowly, before perching on the edge of the stool and picking up the sticks. She took a deep breath and tossed her mane of hair over her shoulder to look back at him.She had no idea what to play, so she quickly settled for playing what she could remember of a part in Peter and the Wolf she had when she was a freshman. Tommy watched her appreciatively, and walked around dragging his eyes up and down her body, when she stopped playing he was standing in front of the kit. Her eyes lowered to his groin and she licked her lips quickly as he began removing his pants.

“I like watching your tits while you play.” He said and his eyes were gleaming.
Natasha smiled and picked her foot up slowly, and rested her ankle over the back of the chair he’d previously occupied. Having her legs spread wide apart gave him a wonderful view of side labia behind her lace thong; she was tapping his drum stick on the toe of her boot. Her stomach fluttered in excitement as he made his way around the kit, weaving toward her, she began trailing the stick down her bare thigh.

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