Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Two #Erotic Tales at NO COST today! Plus Sexcerpts! Happy #Humpday

Hello lovelies!

I'm happy to announce that you can STILL find Castles Burning Part Three for free today, and tomorrow. Also, Home for the Holidays is free today, be sure and grab this quick spicy read! Especially if you've ever had a step sibling fantasy!

Enjoy these little treats!

Dean moved his free hand and clamped it over my mouth, his dark eyes staring down into mine while he savagely fingered me. I arched my back and planted my hips into the mattress letting my eyes slip closed, my breath was fast and made little whooshing sounds around Dean’s hand. He moved his fingers slightly in a come-here motion and I felt myself burning close to the edge. My eyes flew open and clashed with Dean’s, I lowered my hands to his hips and held him tightly.

“Don’t come yet.” He said, it was a warning and I moaned in protest but he squeezed his hand harder on my mouth and I stopped instantly.

My legs were quaking violently and I thrust my hips up to grind against his magical fingers but he used the heel of his hand while his fingers were still inside of me to slam my pelvis back to the mattress.

“Don’t move.” He muttered. “How close are you?”

I made no sound, just inhaled deeply and rolled my eyes back into my skull; my body was nearly bucking with the restraint it took to keep myself from coming.

“You’re really close.” He said as he wiggled his fingers in circles inside of me, he kissed my neck and I moaned, pleading with him before dragging air into my lungs again through my nostrils. “Do you want to come?” He asked.

I nodded vehemently, I felt moisture collecting around my eyelashes and I inhaled deeply just before Dean moved his palm higher and covered my nose, his black eyes bore into mine as he rocked his hand, rubbing his palm against my clit and thrusting his fingers inside of me.

“Come for me Amber. Come all over me.” He whispered.

His words were my undoing and it didn’t take long for me to peak, my cum shooting out of me and against Dean’s fingers in long streams. Dean released his hand from my mouth and I hauled air into my lungs, panting as the last spasms of my orgasm glimmered inside me. I cried out against his shoulder and his teasing fingers that raked along my sensitive clit. Dean pulled me close to him and wrapped his arms around me before he kissed my temple, and I let my eyes drift closed.

Aden was sitting on a blanket beside a pond. His guitar in his lap as he played quietly and the sun was setting in a tranquil park. My skirt floated around my legs as I stood from my bench, smiling at him, but he didn’t look up. As I got closer I realized he was staring at someone. A woman. Her back was to me as she gazed out at the lake, her thick hair blowing in the delicate breeze as she sat with tear stained cheeks. The bench beneath her looked cold, and uncomfortable. As I came closer, it seemed as if she was trying to tell me something.

My attention diverted, and jealousy seething through my veins, I made my way to the young woman, prepared to confront her. As I placed my hand on her shoulder, and she turned her face up to me, suddenly I was the young woman sitting on the bench, looking up into the sky.

I opened up the closet which still held most of the dresses and outfits my mother insisted on me wearing. As I shoved past drab colors on cushiony hangers I heard a floor board creek somewhere behind me. I turned to find Ian in my doorway, a smirk on his face as he set down my black and red train case set. I glared at him intensely, holding my dress closed at my neck. He strode over to me, his thumb wiping at the corner of his mouth as the smirk still lingered and he peered at me sideways.

“What do you want?” I demanded from him, he was not one to offer to do things for others, I knew he had something on his mind.

“To say hi.” He said smoothly, his black hair was slicked back from his face; he wore a sharp Armani suit with a stark white dress shirt, opened at the collar giving a glimpse of a very well maintained physique.

“Oh? Is that all?”

He took another step toward me, and motioned to my unbuttoned front with his left hand, “This is nice… did you get this recently?” He asked.

“It’s borrowed, from a shoot I had this morning.” I spat at him, taking a sip from my martini.

“You look good surrounded by finery.” He said, taking my hair, and letting it fall over his fingers. I took a step back from him.

“There are many things in this world that I appreciate a great deal more than finery, Ian.” I said haughtily, snatching a deep emerald green satin dress that had a high neckline, three quarter length sleeves and a plunging back, my hair would cover my tattoos just fine. I went into the walk in closet and pulled it on, it didn’t quite fit, it was just a little big, but it still looked suitable for my mother.

“I’m sure. Who are you trying to convince Chase?” Ian called from my room.

“Don’t call me Chase. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I just find your particular habits to be reprehensible.” I told him as I came from the closet and leaned over the vanity table.

I gazed into the mirror as I touched up my makeup, and applied a bit of deep raspberry red to my lips for the evening, and removed my shadow, and replaced it with a sheer white. Ian came up behind me and placed his hand on my hip. I stood up straight, spun to face him, wide eyed with rage. He moved back slightly holding his hands up, I took three steps toward him as he backed away, and slapped him across the face with a great deal more force than I had intended. He ran his hand through his hair violently, and stared at me darkly; I shoved past him and made my way down the stairs, happy to escape the close proximity to him.

That's all for today loves, hope you enjoy these two free reads!

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