Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My D has taken me away..... to paradise

Hello wonderful readers!

So right now I'm sitting by the ocean staring at the nearly finished product of what I hope will be Castles Burning in PAPERBACK. It is looking pretty awesome right now, and I am super excited to share the additional scenes and back story with you all in the paperback version. I've left it divided into three parts, but I'm adding chapters etc so that the full length Novel will flow easier. Over all I am very happy about it. There's even a fair amount of "bonus material" that are not in the individual parts previously published. 

But the cover.

I'm having a bit of a dilemma. You see, I create all of my own covers, with stock images and what not... I'd love for the paperback version of Castles to be really cool, to look fitting to the story. When I created the cover for Part Three, I did it with the intention of using it for the full length Novel... But now I'm second guessing my abilities. I am not a professional. Not even close. This is going to be what people see on their friends bookshelf.

( Or maybe even on the romance shelves at the grocery store, or in the bookstore at the mall one day if I can have things my way. )

But I digress.

Basically I'm wanting your opinions. PLEASE keep in mind that my skills at photo editing are extremely limited. I'm a writer, not a photoshop guru. Also, I don't even have photoshop. I use GIMP. Which was free (lol we've all been starving artists at one point right??)

Here I sit, pondering and pulling my hair out over the stress of having a paperback novel, and the biggest part I'm worried about right now is the cover.

Keep it or Leave it??

I have a photo that I like. The approach I took with Part Three cover was for the mirror. I love the mirror showing that there are two dimensions to Amber. Who is she? People with mental illnesses often question who they are... I wanted to convey that. The image I have now has the same idea... but it's lighter, not as dark and hard to see.

Well, I'm off to dinner, but I'm sure I'll still be pondering this. This week has been just the "relaxation" I've needed. ;)



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