Sunday, March 3, 2013

Castles Burning Part One Excerpt

It's Sunday night and I am posting because I thought it'd be nice to end the weekend with a nice warm read before getting all cozy in bed...

Excerpt from Castles Burning Part One:

The following is intended for mature readers only. 18+

Arching my back and leaning forward on my hands, I seductively slinked toward him.

“You know what really upset me?” Aden asked softly.

“No.” I said, flatly, glaring at him from beneath my lashes.

“No?” He asked lifting his eyebrows as he strode over to me. “Open your fucking mouth.”

I opened my mouth and haughtily made eye contact with him, challenging him as he pulled me up from the ground to sit back on my heels again.

“Don’t fucking look at me. You haven’t earned the privilege of looking at me yet.” He said as he took me by the back of my neck.

I looked down immediately, my legs shifting beneath me in my excitement; I ground myself against my heel, trying to find some sort of satisfaction.

“Hold still.” Aden scolded. “I know what you’re doing when you squirm like that.”

“I’m sorry, Sir. I just want you so much.” I said, meeting his gaze again, begging him.

“Close those pretty brown eyes.” He said as he hauled me forward, I inhaled deeply as he pressed my face against his soft, silky cock; it smelled of soap and Aden, delicious. I nuzzled against him and dragged my bottom lip, and lower teeth along his shaft as I clawed at his open jeans with my left hand to free him. My right arm was wrapped around his left leg; he held my head against his left hip gently as he looked down at me.

“Open.” He said, caressing my jaw, “Good girl, now suck.”

Sweet, wet dreams!

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