Thursday, February 21, 2013

Backstage Pass

Hello my darlings!

I was hard at work yesterday freeing a fun little short story about a rockstar and the groupie who loves him. 

Here's a little excerpt:

Alexis curled toward him, her hips arching and begging to be touched, and Kolby slowly tipped the base of his guitar so that the rounded edge was pressing against Alexis’ pussy, it was cold, and smooth and felt delicious as Kolby dipped his head to kiss her.

Alexis ground her hips up, and Kolby looked down to watch as she slid herself along it’s curving center, the idea of him seeing her do this, what maybe thousands of women wanted to do while he played on stage was intoxicating and she was dripping wet for him, craving him inside of her. She squeezed her breasts and looked at him pleadingly while he continued to play his sultry tune, but intermittently slid his instrument along her aching pussy.

“Kolby?” She pleaded, her thighs were quivering, and he loved the sight of her spread out before him, vulnerable, willing to do whatever it took to show him she loved him most.

“Alexis.” He growled.

Want to read the whole story? Get it here!

In other news, I'm working on an awesome paranormal story that wasn't originally intended to be paranormal, but ended up that way anyway. No it's not vampires, and no it's not werewolves... but it's still pretty crazy and I think that horror lovers will enjoy it! It's turning out to be pretty scary, woohoo!

Home for the Weekend is shaping up nicely... longer than anticipated but that just means that there will be more of Chastity and her amazing men! I hope you all enjoy Backstage Pass in the mean time happy naughty reading!


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